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How many Crypto Rugs are there?

Crypto rugs are 1/1 NFTs with a limited supply quantity of 10.000 rugs.

How many attributes do the Crypto Rugs have?

The total number of attributes is 849. Out of 849 there are 54 framework attributes with 10-18 color variations and 29 backgrounds.

How can I buy a rug? What’s the price?

To claim one of our Crypto Rugs and to add to your own personal collection you can just click MINT IT at the beginning of the website and follow the MetaMask instructions. The price of each rug is 0.06 ETH.

How many can I mint per purchase?

You can mint up to 10 rugs per purchase.

How does the rarity work?

Each rug is composed of 4 layers: the central layer (layer 1), the second layer (layer 2), the third layer (layer 1) and the edge layer (layer 4). Layers of the Ordinary rugs are ornamental; Rare rugs have coin symbols in Layer 1; Epic rugs have objects and memes in Layer 1 and coin symbols in Layer 3; Legendary rugs have crypto idols in Layer 1 and coin symbols in Layer 3. Special backgrounds are randomly assigned Ordinary, Rare and Epic rugs. All the Legendary rugs have special backgrounds.

What are the benefits of owning a Crypto Rug?

Based on our roadmap, owning a Crypto Rug will unlock a “FUD” discord channel, where the community will post information/intel on upcoming rug pulls in the crypto world. Additionally each Crypto Rug owner will get a 3D rug to ride it as a means of transportation in Metaverses. You will also be able to use the rug as a decoration in pixel and 3D metaverses.

Where are the Rugs stored?

The rugs are minted on Ethereum blockchain as ERC720 and the data is stored on IPFS.

Where can I view my minted Rugs?

After the mint you’ll see your rugs on Opensea in your account. We are working on having a separate page on our web-page to show you your mints.

Does the team take any rugs for themselves?

No, the team does not take any rugs for themselves. Though we are going to mint 40 random rugs for the community giveaways, moderators and anyone else that the Crypto Rug owners will decide is worth being given a Crypto Rug.